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Good Life with simple habits

Yesterday I read an article about positive habits named”10 Small Habits That Have a Huge Return on Life” some of these habits are interesting for me that I want to talk about them:

Do a full-body workout with weights 3 times a week:

You read this title and might say this is easy, but after 2 days your muscles hurt and you will skip day 3, and this is the beginning of breaking this habit. My solution for returning to work out is to wear my sport suit, playing some music, and starting with stretching and light movements. Step by step my energy is back and ends well.

Set 2-3 daily priorities:

This is the helpful habit, when you set 10 tasks for one day, they would be hard to finish. and if you don’t finish them you feel disappointed and say to yourself I’m useless, I never finish my work.

But if you start with 2-3 simple tasks, they encourage you to finish them and do them tomorrow. My daily priorities are:
1-make my bed after wake up
2- reading at least 1 article about my job
3- cleaning the kitchen before sleeping.
P.s: I emphasis we are human and we have good and bad days.
Don’t be hard on yourself.

Read 60 minutes a day:

This item is good but for somebody who doesn’t like to read or has no time is not easy;
Start with 15 minutes and little by little increase your reading time. My distance between my home to my office is 20- 30 minutes, I read an electronic book or listen to a podcast.
My favorite’s podcasts are:
1-You are not so smart
2- Good life with Stevie and Sazan
4- UnErased: the history of conversion therapy in American
5-And Persian podcast: channel B
If you like this article you can read more here.

Before you start, two “points” that I want to say:

For beginning don’t do all of these habits for your first try.
“Set 4_5 habits” and after a while add the rest of them and then give yourself a present for your persistence and determination.
For example for one month that I work out 3 days a week, I give myself a new sport shirt or new jump-rope.

Find different people for each of your goals“.
For example reading books with your friend who reads a lot and sharing your opinions about that book “my previous post was about how to write a review about a book?”
going to the gym and making friends with other people and encourage each other for your practices.

Thank you for your time to read this post
Good luck

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