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How to pass the depression period?

If people tell you that don’t be sad, life is beautiful ,you are young and you must be happy , if I was you I would explore the world?(my friend, family said to me a lot) don’t believe them, because they are not you and  they aren’t  in your circumstances. The best gift in life is “Time”. It means life is not permanent, Life is a combination of good and bad happenings. If you have less bad happenings and more good happenings you win! When I quit my job and tried to get a new job which is hard because of bad economic situation, I felt Depressed. the things that made me get out of sadness and disappointment in that period were….
  • Doing exercises
We hear so much about exercise that improve your mood and make you avoid from depression. But Exercising without goal is very boring. My goal is professional jump roping. First of all I watched a YouTube video about basic learning. After watching video I practiced so much, 3 months later I can do jump roping so well. In the next posts,I can teach you how do Jump roping
  • Try to make new things
When I was working, I was so satisfied with myself and I tried new things in free time such as knitting, sewing a simple staff, baking and cooking. After I quitted my job, these things were meaningless for me. But one month later I tried them and they made me feel better. Try everything that cheers you up, I know it’s hard but remember yourself “this situation is temporary”. Maybe your mind will be creative in this situation. Who knows?
  • Use less social media
I don’t say social media is bad or don’t use it at all. I say ”unfollow the people who give you negative energy” this people have beautiful picture with glamor capture about their family, house,job and say  “I’m very fortunate and  I am never depressed ”.. Actually I don’t believe them because I see this people face to face who aren’t happy and nagging all the time and for posting this attractive picture they get lots of money. If social media gives you a good information, use it. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.
  • Control your mind
The hardest part is telling your mind that don’t pay attention to negative thoughts. The way that works for me is defraud your mind. It means distract your mind by doing something that you like such as reading, watching movie….
  • Talk about  your depression
This title doesn’t mean talk with everybody.Talk with friends who understand you and listen to you without any judgment. If you don’t have such friends, talk to Psychologist.

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