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How to write a review about a book?

One of my resolution for this year is a review that I write about every book I have read in my favorite notebook. And the reviews are just my personal opinion and most of the time I write about why I liked that book or why I didn’t like it.

One day, one person that I follow on Instagram was talking about writing our opinion about every book that we have read and some elements we must know before writing, such as who is author and search about him/her and when he or she was writing this book (it means that what was author’s situation) and also what was her/his ambition to write that book.

These elements help me to write more targeted. When I read books I use stickers and write the important notes of every chapters on them. After finishing that book I transfer these stickers to my notebook.

A few days ago, I found a book called “writing reviews for readers advisory” by Brad Hooper. This book was so good for people who want to write review for newspaper, magazine, book, websites, and etc.

Some points that I learned from this book are:

Review is more generalized than criticism. It means that share basic opinions about total content of a book. But criticism mean you emphasis on one feature of the book for example narrative, characteristic.

One point about review of book is” a good description is more important than length of writing”. Of course in review you must add some criticism of that book.

Every review must answer two questions:

1- what is this book about?

2- How good it is?

Answering these questions depends on which question is important for writer (reviewer). It is better that the reviewer write about question number one (what is the book about?).

5 points in novel that you as a reviewer must know and write about it:

Character: who are characters and what they do? This question is a big step to write a review

Two features have close relation with characteristic Theme and plot.

Plot is story line of character and the reason of their behavior and theme meaning is near to plot and sometimes there are some overlaps.

Some example for theme are: family problem, man against the world, entrance of stranger in town, love and etc.

Setting is set story in a place and time which authors not emphasis on setting especially in novel which talk more about character. The aim of this novel is discovering of the dimensions of psychology of characters.

One important thing that you must know is “verbosity” in review.

It means that reviewers must not pay attention to details; details deviate you from total vision of the book.

For writing review don’t choose books that you are not interested in. Because its affects your writing. The good review is animated and shows that review writer has overcome through the whole book.

These points that I wrote about this book and I recommend to everybody who likes book.

Good luck

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