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If you want to grow, face your fears

After I quitted my job, I was deeply depressed  I  thought why I can’t find a perfect job, maybe I don’t have enough skill for a  job. Every day I cried and I blamed the companies that I have worked with and told myself “wish I didn’t go to these companies”. Every single day! I hated being unemployed because I thought If I’m not employed it means I’m not good at working.

I still study as a master student and I should write my dissertation, But after quitting my job I didn’t write it because I was disappointed and every time I wanted to write it I said it doesn’t worth  I compared myself to everyone that had a  job and it  made me frustrated.

My husband tried to cheer me up and said hopeful things, but I didn’t believe. After two months I got better step by step. I went to gym and English class which forced me to get out of home and see other people.

But the period of unemployment made me to do something. I have started my dissertation again, I’ve read book, learned  two software that I like (which I think I have never learnt them) and also I started  this website.

A few days ago, my husband said to me about comfort zone. And told me “if you want to grow, you must get outside of your comfort zone, and you are doing it”. After saying that I was proud of myself because of getting out of my fear and extending my comfort zone.

If you say to yourself that you do (for example change your job, learn something…) one day, you are still in your comfort zone and you don’t want to take a risk. I don’t say do it now I say search more about comfort zone, talk to people who take the risk and you think they are successful and find the way.

Are try to extend your comfort zone?

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