Peaceful place; best description for Kish Island

I have been to Kish twice, both times were awesome. October until February are the best seasons for travel to Kish Island.

In Our first trip we spent most of the time to go to Water Park, scuba diving and parasail. And all of them were perfect. Second trip was a time to relax and sitting near the beach and walking in Kish city. Here are the places that we explored in Kish.

Restaurant and coffee shop

Usually I don’t like seafood especially fish but two restaurants had the best seafood and I loved it. One of them called MIRMOHANA which has a view of sea and live concert but it is very expensive and in our whole trip we went there once but worth it.

Second restaurant called BAREKAT. This restaurant has beautiful design and delicious food. Their food is not expensive, not cheap, it’s okay.

And one fast food that we found it from our first trip was CHISCHISO (I’m not sure the name). The important advantage of this fast food was that their food has no oil, no sausage and also is not greasy.

Two coffee shops that were so good one of them name Lavazza; had a beautiful design and good coffee.

Another one was Tehroon coffee which had the view of the sea and had good coffee and tea.

One way that helped us to find these places was asking people who live there and most of them were salespersons.

Peaceful beach

Kish Island has a beautiful beach that I have ever seen. The beach is so clean and quiet that you never get tired of watching it.

 Picturesque alley and house

We rented a Vespa and we explored all the city and also we saw beautiful alleys and houses.

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