Rasht; the beautiful city in north of Iran

If people go to Rasht for the first time, sure they will go there again and again. Why Rasht is so good that people in summer (weather is so hot and humid) and winter (very cold) try to travel there?

Here is the reason….

  1. The beautiful local  market

This market has a sense of dynamic life that makes you to go there and see people without buying something. But this never happens because fruits and vegetables are very fresh and delicious so you must buy something.

This kind of fish that Rashti people (the ones who born in Rasht) prepare them with steam of cooked rice, must be cooked first of all with salt because salt makes them not to rancid.


There are walnut and fresh olive.

  • Stunning nature

When I live in my dream, I imagine myself walking in a foggy jungle drinking Charcoal tea) the tea which is going to be prepared on hot Charcoal). But when I go to masal (village near to Rasht) my dream becomes true.

  • Delicious Food

Rashtifood is one of the favorite foods for Iranian. Because they cook amazing foods by combining simple ingredients like garlic, eggplant and fine herbs with meat, fish, and olive.

(This is not my photo, because when we finished our food, I said oh! I forgot to take a photo).

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